High-Tech Press

First in the World back and sides made at ‘High-Tech Press’.

Due to the connection of the highest quality, exotic wood with resonant wood and use of specialist processing achieved distinguished acoustic properties of the material. The process of creation follows a lot of changes in the acoustic properties. The technology is used at back and sides. In addition, the guitar back is parabolically curved (as are the violins).

Traditional back&sides vs B&S made at High-Tech Press

Increased acoustic properties

The guitar made at ‘High-Tech Press’ has about 15-20% increased acoustic properties*
*(compared to the same instrument made in a traditional way)

Focused sound

The parabolic shape ‘focus’ the projection of the sound

Strengthened construction

Parabolic shape improved rigidity.

Unique sound

Innovative technology allows achieving unrepeatable sound advantages by raising the resonant frequency

Increased sustain