Luthier’s 6-string acoustic bass guitar no. 456 – Concorde

First in the world luthier acoustic bass guitar with the following innovations:


Frets amount15 to body; 24 total
Double-TopAlpine Spruce from Tirol (Master Grade)(top) / Old-growth Redwood (Master Grade)(bottom)
Back&SidesAmboyna Burl with sapwood (Master Grade)
NeckAsymmetric Turkowiak neck made of flamed sycamore maple (Master Grade), dual-action double truss rod
FingerboardElevated, Exotic Ebony (Master Grade), binded, compound radius: 47″
PlatesFront: natural Baltic amber; back: Exotic Ebony (Master Grade)
ShapeOpen (Modern / Hollow)
LogoNatural mammoth bone
BridgePinless, Exotic Ebony (Master Grade), hand-shaped, encrusted with natural Baltic amber and natural bone
SoundholesFront: Slightly offset Concorde shaped, binded with Ebony (Master Grade); back: diagonal with Exotic Ebony (Master Grade) directional wing-bracing, binded with Ebony (Master Grade)
LogoNatural Baltic amber
ArmrestEbony, integrated with the guitar body, width 20 mm
NutNatural mammoth bone, hand-shaped and polished, width 52 mm
SaddleNatural mammoth bone, hand-shaped, polished and semi-scalloped
TunersHighest-quality, with ebony buttons, black aluminum rollers and white mother of pearl screw reinforcements, ratio 18:1
BindingEbony (Master Grade)
Fingerboard markersNatural mammoth bone ø 1.5 mm at 3, 5, 9, 15, 17, 19 frets and concentric natural mammoth bone ø 3 mm at 7, 12 (double) frets inlaid with natural Baltic amber
FretsEVO-GOLD (nickel-free)
CutawayFlorentine (Sharp)
Scale length34” (863,6 mm)
VarnishHighly-resonant, anti-static (own recipe), hand polished, high-gloss
ThumbrestExotic Ebony (Master Grade) – Concorde shaped
InlayFull Fingerboard Concorde inlays made of natural Baltic amber
MarquetryBack, made with Flamed Sycamore Maple and African Ebony



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