Luthier’s acoustic guitar no. 438 – Black Diamond

First in the World luthier guitar introduces the following innovations:


Double topAlpine Spruce from Tirol (Master Grade)(top) / Western Red Cedar (Master Grade)(bottom)
Back & SidesCocobolo with sapwood (Master Grade)
Scale25.5″ (647,7 mm)
NeckAsymmetric Turkowiak neck made of flamed sycamore maple (Master Grade), dual-action double truss rod
FingerboardElevated, African Ebony (Master Grade), compound radius 16″ (at the nut)
HeadPlatesNatural Baltic amber
ShapeOpen (Modern / Hollow)
LogoNatural mammoth bone encrusted with three natural black diamonds
RosetteNatural Baltic amber encrusted with two crown logos made of natural mammoth bone
HeelCapAfrican Ebony (Master Grade)
LogoNatural Baltic amber
Nut44.5 mm (1 ¾”), natural mammoth bone, hand-shaped and polished
SaddleNatural mammoth bone, hand-shaped, polished and semi-scalloped
Arm bevelSmooth, Ebony, integrated with the guitar body, 20 mm width
Palm bevelSmooth, Ebony, integrated with the guitar body
Rib bevelSmooth, Ebony, integrated with the guitar body
TunersGold plated single tuning keys, with mother of pearl screw reinforcements. Ratio 1:18
BindingAfrican Ebony (Master Grade)
Fingerboard markersNatural mammoth bone ø 1.5 mm at 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 (double), 15 frets
FretsEVO-GOLD (nickel-free)
VarnishHighly-resonant, antistatic (own recipe), hand-polished, high-gloss
InlaySingle crown logo made of natural Baltic amber at 12th fret


PickguardCocobolo (Master Grade)
Strap buttonsAfrican Ebony (Master Grade) with crown logo natural Baltic amber inlay
HardcaseBrand, fitted to the guitar


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