Ordering a custom-made guitar is a very special and personal experience. I am open to designing new guitar types, especially for you. See the information below about the instrument types I make. Endless options are available for customization.

If you do not want to wait for a custom-made instrument, check the available guitars

Please look through the featured instruments to get acquainted with my past work, or contact me to discuss your idea.

Guitar Models


These instruments are completely handcrafted and have the same great playability and sound that all my guitars are known for. The woods chosen for these guitars may contain visual imperfections but are still tonally and functionally excellent in order to keep the cost low (3500 EUR net for classical guitars, and 3700 EUR net for acoustic guitars). Please note that the ‘Natural’ guitar model is available exclusively on occasion and not for continuous ordering. Kindly check the available guitars

The Queen of Guitars

The Queen of Guitars is made from master-grade woods, giving it a unique, beautiful sound. The base price for this instrument starts at 4.250 EUR net for classical guitars, and 4.250 EUR net for acoustic, cross-over, flamenco, and nylon-string jazz.

The Ancient Queen of Guitars

The Ancient Queens of Guitars are my best-sounding and most expensive instruments, having the best sound and one-of-a-kind (mostly ancient) woods. Might be inlaid with natural Baltic amber, natural gemstones, solid silver/gold, and authentic mammoth bone. The base price for this instrument starts at 6.500 EUR net for classical guitars, and 6.750 EUR net for acoustic, cross-over, flamenco, and nylon-string jazz.


Since 2024 – included within price of each guitar model. (Before 2024 the Double-Top version used to cost 1250 EUR net extra).


When you order a guitar, I ask for a 50% deposit. This secures your place on the waiting list and also locks in the current price. The deposit covers the initial expenses, such as materials and design work for your guitar, and is non-refundable.


Guitar with an offset soundhole

Instead of a standard soundhole, your guitar can be made with unusual sound ports (also with African Ebony ‘wing’ bracing). This modification allows for significant enlargement of the resonant area of the guitar top and better sound projection to the musician.


Custom inlays are a great way to personalize your instrument and enhance its appearance with a unique piece of artwork. You are more than welcome to create your own completely custom design with me.

guitar inlay
Crown logo inlay at frets 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 (double), 15, 17.
Made of authentic white mother of pearl.
Headstock encrusted with natural mammoth bone crown logo.
Fingerboard customs shapes inlaid with natural Baltic amber
Titan Arum inlay made of
purple and green modified Baltic amber
and natural white Baltic amber
with black engravings

initials inlay
Initials inlay made of authentic white mother of pearl at 12th fret

Natural Baltic Amber Rosette with Elvish LOTR black engraving
Magnus Opus inlay at 11th-13th frets made of natural Baltic amber with natural buffalo bone outlines
Robin inlay
Robin inlay at 12th fret made of natural Baltic amber
Natural diamonds
Side fingerboard markers
natural diamonds set in natural mother of pearl at 12th fret: 2 x 0,12 ct
Sapwood headstock
Black mother of pearl logo encrusted with three natural black diamonds

Soundboard Wood

  • Alpine Spruce from Tirol
  • Alpine Spruce from Tirol with ‘bearclaw’ effect
  • Alaskan Sitka Spruce
  • Alaskan Sitka Spruce with ‘bearclaw’ effect
  • Adirondack Spruce
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Yellow Cedar
  • Western White Pine
  • Redwood (old-growth)
  • Kauri
  • Ancient Kauri
  • Ancient Spruce
  • Sinker Redwood
  • Sinker Cedar

Other woods available upon request


Double Top

bearclaw effect

A double top with special resonant material (NOT NOMEX) inside for better acoustic properties.

You may choose from several top layer wood types – for example, Alpine Spruce from Tirol (top) / Old-growth Redwood (bottom) would give a sound with both Spruce and Redwood advantages.


Guitar bridge with sapwood

Most woods used to build my guitars have a sapwood option. If you like this, I may search for some unique pieces for you.

Pale Moon Ebony with sapwood
Pale Moon Ebony with sapwood at back & sides and black Ebony with sapwood fingerboard, bridge, and headstock
guitar rosette
ukulele inlay at 12th fret
ukulele bridge
Sapwood headstock


Slotted acoustic headstock
Modern (Open) acoustic headstock
Classical headstock

Tuning Machines

If you want special tuning machines for your guitar – send me an inquiry, as I cooperate with marvelous artists such as Jorg W. Graf.

The photo on the right shows the standard acoustic tuning machines: single posts, gold, brass roller, ratio 1:18, with natural mother of pearl screw reinforcements

Standard classical guitar tuning machines: Ebony knobs and black aluminum rollers with bearings and white mother of pearl screw reinforcements, ratio 1:18
Handmade Guitar Tuning Machines
Graf ‘Limited Edition Luck Dragon’ – solid sterling silver base plate, two rubies, hand engraving, black mother of pearl buttons, black rollers with bearings


florentine cutaway
Florentine (sharp bout)
Venetian cutaway
Venetian (rounded and smooth bout)
Semi cutaway (also a soundport)

Arm bevel

guitar armrest

All my instruments are equipped as standard with a wide (over 20 mm [13/16″]), smooth ebony arm bevel (armrest).

This allows the soundboard to vibrate freely by reducing the damping effect of the forearm as it contacts the side and soundboard when playing

It can also be more comfortable due to the rounded shape of the bevel, as there is no edge that could cut into the forearm while playing, the pressure is better distributed. This can avoid irritation of the nerve tracts, which might affect the forearm and in extreme cases even leads to numb fingers. The bevel also prevents strain in the arm and neck, which can permanently damage the muscles when using a guitar without an armrest.

Elevated Fingerboard

  • Provides easier access beyond the 12th fret
  • The distance from the strings to the soundboard is increased providing an advantage for the right hand
  • Increased mass provides superior sustain
  • The top of the guitar is NOT sloped down (as many luthiers do to achieve the ‘elevated fingerboard’)

Multi-String Instruments

If you are considering buying a multi-string guitar, please contact me. Below are some examples of multi-string instruments I have made.

7-string guitar neck
7-string Classical Guitar, fingerboard with extended range

8-string classical guitar photo
8-string Classical Guitar with two diagonal soundholes
10-string classical guitar
10-string Classical Guitar made of Ancient Kauri at top and Ancient Kauri with ‘whitebait’ effect at back & sides (about 40.000 years old with a certificate of authenticity)
mandocello front and back
12-string OM Acoustic Guitar
12-string Acoustic Guitar

Mini Size

backpack guitar
folding neck acoustic travel guitar

All of my guitars can be made in mini size with shorter scale length and a smaller body and neck.

They can also be made with a folding neck.

Chemical Coating

A special chemical coating of the soundboard may be applied inside to protect the guitar’s top from sudden moisture changes (without affecting the sound)


I create highly-resonant, antistatic varnish (own recipe), hand-polished. It may be matt or high-gloss. It is water-based and does not need a sealer. Environmentally friendly, nonflammable, crystal-clear, and non-yellowing (with UV filters).

Audio System

I can professionally assemble the audio system and/or help you decide which would be best for your guitar.

At the photo Carlos VIP Double M – Acoustic Guitar pickup – Multi-source