Sound Samples

Below you may find some sound samples of my guitars. You will hear the pure sound of guitars from my workshop without any sound effects.

Classical Guitar

Comparison of Solid Top with Double-Top

Solid Top – Cedar
Double Top – Cedar/Redwood

Double Top

Cedar/Redwood – Central Soundhole
Earth-Cedar/Redwood – Offset Soundhole
Ancient Kauri/Redwood – Central Soundhole

Solid Top

Cedar – Central Soundhole
Spruce – Offset Soundhole
Earth Cedar – Central Soundhole

Some older sound-samples

Double Top – Spruce
Solid Top – Cedar

Acoustic Guitar

OM 12-F – Double Top – Spruce


Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar no. 283 – Interview and sound sample with Piotr Lukaszewski

Acoustic Guitar no. 284 – Interview and sound sample with Krzysztof Jary Jaryczewski