Hiroshi Miura

It was on a classical guitar-web site that I saw for the first time the work of Luthier. It’s beauty was first surprised me. I was able to understand the high degree of guitar at a glance although the site photo. If we do not try to play and we do not understand its value thing called musical instrument. The thing about e-mail exchange with Rafal ,I was able to understand, but there was a shade of anxiety until the instrument arrived at hand.

Arrived instrument was a degree of perfection beyond the prediction. Such as Hauser, Bouchet,and Fleta, I have played other excellent instruments ,They are made in the traditional method of construction. In recent years, Guitarists have increased ,who use the instrument of represented by theSmoallman guitar of the lattice bracing and Dammann guitar of the double top, The first reason would be volume. Rafal guitar had already surpassed in the construction method of Wave Rezonator. His guitars had original elements of composition. Also, there are many original construction methods. It has given rise to very ingenious structure.Richly echoing the low-frequency, high frequency of great elongation, good balance in all positions, and beautiful tone these are features of his instrument. Day by day, while there are musical instruments of traditional instruments and modern Europe.his instrument is a top-level definitely in the world. His guitar has beauty and unparalleled sound quality, like the jewelry, which is really amazing thing.Guitarist Hiroshi Miura in Japan