Marek Sobor

Giving a review of Rafal Turkowiak’s instrument is a unique opportunity because it gives you a chace to have a contact with a real luthier’s masterpiece. I have

recently become a lucky owner of his classical guitar.First thing that comes to my mind when having to give an opinion on that instrument is an old saying: ‘The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.’

The above sentence may become obvious to every musician who at least once managed to grasp the guitar holding the title ‘Queen of guitars’ – an instrument made in Rafal Turkowiak’s Artisic Workshop.

It’s high time we looked objectively and critically at classical guitars manufactured by world-renowned companies. As an amateur musician I have had loads of opportunities to test guitars made by  famous companies like Antonio Sanchez, Ramirez, Alhambra, Admira, Rodriguez, Martinez and others. It seems to me that all above companies will have a huge problem in competing with Rafal Turkowiak’s instruments. Recognition of the class and unique quality of the latter is just a matter of time and appropriate analysis of the issue.


It’s really worth bowing down to technical innovations coming out of Rafal’s workshop. These are revolutionary solutions resulting in wonderful sound and offering extra technical features (asymmetric neck and elevated fingerboard).

I don’t think that even the most descriptive opinion on the Queen of guitars will ever replace the real impressions a guitarist may get when playing this instrument. Such instruments must be ranked appropriately among other luthiers’ masterpieces.