Mieczyslaw Braszka

I had a few guitars before my first meeting with the one carved by Mr Turkowiak. It was an amazing meeting for me. the depth sustain and clarity of the sound seduced me right away and I felt the instrument had no equals. You play it like the best grand piano. Guitar Stradivario – I immediately thought of Rafal – and I fell In love with the guitar at once and though I didn’t have enough money, I knew that it was the only instrument to satiate my artistic desires. With no doubt, this master piece has pleased me for almost two years and the instrument itself, which still matures, shows richer and richer depth of its soul given by Rafal. Congratulations Rafal, my delight is endless and the love you put in your guitars is contagious like the exhilaration of the crowd at a concert, the smell of spring flowers or Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile. There’s nothing else that I can recommend with a clear conscience but your guitars. Congratulations.