Walter Downs

Rafal Turkowiak’s guitars have not yet received world renown as most who know of him reside in areas that are a bit off the beaten track in the guitar world.

Once the world learns more of him, I am sure many will be beating a path to his Luthiery no matter where in the world they are…I have played many classical guitars, from the vintage to the modern, many of them from the best makers in the world. This includes the top modern Spanish, American and Japanese builders, and vintage guitars ranging from Domingo Esteso to Ignacio Fleta. In my opinion, you can expect a Turkowiak guitar to be at least equal to any of these, and BETTER than the MAJORITY of them. And to be considered too, are Mr. Turkowiak’s modern technological innovations and outstanding aesthetic beauty of his guitars in appearance. My suggestion to all is to buy a Turkowiak NOW, because I suspect that soon, Mr. Turkowiak’s waiting lists will extend so far in to the future, one will spend a lifetime waiting! — Walter T. Downs, Florida, USA