Amber BackLight Rosette

Uniting Beauty, Melody, and Patented Brilliance!

Experience the captivating allure of Baltic amber melded with the harmonious melodies of a finely crafted guitar bach. Behold the Amber BackLight Rosette Guitar – an exceptional instrument designed to elevate your musical journey with a touch of ethereal brilliance.

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Amber & Bone BackLight

Unveiling the Luminous Rosette

Baltic amber graces the rosette on the back of our exceptional guitar, meticulously hand-carved to create a breathtaking tapestry that emanates a soft, glowing light, adding a unique dimension to your musical performances.

Preserving Pristine Sound Quality

Beyond its stunning appearance, the Amber BackLight Rosette Guitar ensures that beauty does not come at the cost of sound quality. The ingeniously designed rosette not only complements the guitar’s aesthetics but also preserves its natural acoustic properties.

Crafted with Unyielding Artistry

Every Amber BackLight Rosette Guitar is an exquisite testament to artistry and precision. We ensure a seamless integration of Baltic amber into the guitar’s back, combining beauty and functionality in perfect harmony.

Embrace Eco-Conscious Elegance

At our workshop, we value nature’s wonders. Our Baltic amber is responsibly sourced, promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness. By choosing the Amber BackLight Rosette Guitar, you embrace an artistic expression that cherishes our planet’s precious resources.

A Limited Expression of Radiance

To preserve its exclusivity and individuality, the Amber BackLight Rosette Guitar is limited to the highest guitar models, making it a treasured possession for discerning musicians.

Illuminate Your Melodic Journey

The Amber BackLight Rosette Guitar beckons you to elevate your musical journey with a touch of brilliance. Embrace the harmonious fusion of artistry and innovation, where the captivating glow of Baltic amber enhances your musical experience without compromising on sound quality.

Patented Brilliance

We take pride in announcing that the Amber BackLight Rosette Guitar is a patented innovation, setting it apart as a unique and exclusive masterpiece that can’t be replicated elsewhere.