Check out some testimonials on my instruments presented by musicians below:

Mateusz Kowalski

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Guitar number 562 is an extraordinary instrument. It possesses a powerful, warm tone that excels particularly in large venues and when collaborating with musicians playing other instruments. It is comfortable and highly responsive to vibrations. It tunes perfectly. The craftsmanship and meticulous attention to every detail are captivating!

Mak Grgić – two-time Grammy®- nominated

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It’s rare that a guitar is a work of art, which is what one can expect from the workshop of Rafal Turkowiak. Each guitar is carefully crafted with exquisite precision and innovative approach, offering a strong contemporary and colorful sound palette. I am excited to be a part of the journey of this wonderful luthier

Eleonora Perretta

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It is from the first note that one recognises a great guitar. Easy to play, balanced in sound, powerful and rich, as well as sensitive and responsive, these are just some of the qualities of Turkowiak’s guitars. I have entered his world of experimental and modern approach, yet a sophistication that has the taste of

Oscar Suh-Rodriguez

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I haven’t been able to put down my Turkowiak Nylon-String Jazz Guitar since I first pulled it out of the case. Thanks to Rafal’s great suggestions and designs, the instrument’s playability is exceptional. When preparing a piece, the instrument’s clarity really reveals the finer details of what I’m playing and what I need to refine.

Emmett Van Slyke

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I just wanted to send a note of appreciation for the excellent craftsmanship and design execution that you put into my #412. After more than a year I can say that I connect with the instrument more and more each day. Many, many, thanks, Emmett – Composer/Producer/Sound

Hiroshi Miura

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It was on a classical guitar-web site that I saw for the first time the work of Luthier. It’s beauty was first surprised me. I was able to understand the high degree of guitar at a glance although the site photo. If we do not try to play and we do not understand its value

Joshua Engler

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Rafal Turkowiak is one of the best living luthiers in the world, and his guitars will be likened to that of Fleta’s and Torres’ in 60 years time. I contacted Rafal asking for a basic classical guitar on an extremely short notice, and he was able to build me a guitar very quickly. It was

Walter Downs

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Rafal Turkowiak’s guitars have not yet received world renown as most who know of him reside in areas that are a bit off the beaten track in the guitar world. Once the world learns more of him, I am sure many will be beating a path to his Luthiery no matter where in the world

Joshua Wilson

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When I decided to order a custom ukulele, I could never have known that I was about to acquire a masterpiece. While most people immediately associate the ukulele with Hawaii, I yearned for something distinct—something beautiful, dark, robust, and utterly unique, possessing a voice that would be just as extraordinary. Rafał Turkowiak has surpassed my

Antonio Barresi

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I have been the lucky owner of this wonderful classical guitar for a month now. The wood is of excellent quality and only the best cuts are used. I chose the guitar with sides and back in Kauri wood (a wood 45,000 years old, certified) and top in Fir from Tyrol. The inlays are made

Adam Mikulski

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Rafal Turkowiak’s guitar is an instrument like no other, very interesting sound, visually attractive, an interesting alternative worth

Jonathan Marshall

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An instrument’s inherent function is to offer a musician the opportunity to comfortably produce a beautiful sound. Rafal Turkowiak has intermingled the fullness of sound with luxurious craftsmanship. This is truly a classical guitar for a lifetime. – Jonathan