Bridge with Drilled Holes

European Union Intellectual Property Office

First in the World Bridge with Drilled Holes in acoustic guitars.

Through this special construction, the bridge’s mass has been significantly reduced, which positively affects the sound propagation at the guitar body. An openwork construction allows for equal distribution of force and majorly reduced tensions in the soundboard.

Increased endurance

The construction enables the same endurance properties at a significantly reduced mass

Reduced mass and dimensions

Reduction of the mass and dimensions allows for easier vibration of the soundboard

Unique design

The holes give the bridge a unique look


The pinless construction helps maintain the integrity of the top by eliminating the need for six drilled string holes. The fewer holes in your soundboard, the more evenly the sound wave can move across the interior, without any loss of energy. In addition, changing the strings is much quicker, and you will never again have to worry about lost, worn-out, or broken bridge pins