WAVE type resonator

First in the World top with WAVE type resonator

This unique construction inside the guitar, the only one like it in the World, was made to counteract string tension. The resonator is made from highly-resonant wood, which further strengthens the WAVE effect. These innovations lighten the bridge so that it can fulfill its function much better by transporting energy more efficiently at the resonant board.

Soundboard resonant area without WAVE type resonator

Enlarged resonant area

About 20% increase in the resonant area thanks to the special construction of the WAVE type resonator.

Soundboard resonant area with WAVE type resonator

Tension counteraction

The specific construction of the WAVE type resonator acquires tension in the soundboard, which leads to increased vibration frequencies

Highly resonant wood

The WAVE type resonator was made from the highest quality Alpine Spruce from Tirol, which gives the guitars a natural, classical sound.

Reduced bridge

A smaller size bridge is used, which gives the guitars a reduced mass and allows for effortless soundboard vibrations.