Acoustic Tubes

European Patent Office EP 3340231 (A1)
Urzad Patentowy RP no. P.419826 ‘Acoustic Tubes’

Acoustic Tubes inside guitar neck

First in the World ‘Acoustic Tubes’ inside the guitar neck.

The main principle is better than in a traditional guitar, sound transmission from the nut through the neck at the guitar body. The neck, thanks to the use of specialist material, obtains incredible acoustic properties and is much stiffer. Inside the neck occurs acoustic pressure which finds it’s outlet through the visible holes situated after the twelfth fret. The neck creates a supportive resonant area.

Sustain comparison Traditional neck vs Neck with Acoustic Tubes

Longer sustain

Guitar’s sustain with ‘Acoustic Tubes’ is up to 20% longer*
*compared to exactly the same neck made in a traditional way.

Better sound transmission

Thanks to the use of specialist material sound transmission from the nut to the guitar body is much faster.

Increased stiffness

Using innovative material assures deformations durability caused by string tension.

Reduced mass

Acoustic Tubes’ creation process allows for a significant reduction of the neck’s mass.