Luthier’s classical guitar no. 390

First in the World luthier guitar introduces the following innovations:


Double topWestern Red Cedar (top) / Old-growth Redwood (bottom)(Master Grade)
Back & SidesAfrican Blackwood (Master Grade)
Scale650 mm
NeckAsymmetric Turkowiak neck made of flamed sycamore maple (Master Grade)
FingerboardElevated, African Ebony (Master Grade)
HeadPlatesAfrican Ebony (Master Grade)
ShapeStandard classical(Slotted)
LogoNatural mammoth bone
SoundholeTurkowiak Single Offset, binded with Ebony (Master Grade)
HeelCapAfrican Ebony (Master Grade)
LogoNatural mammoth bone
Nut52 mm, natural mammoth bone, hand-shaped and polished
SaddleNatural mammoth bone, hand-shaped, polished and semi-scalloped
TunersEbony knobs and black aluminum rollers with bearings and white mother of pearl screw reinforcements, ratio 18:1
BindingAfrican Ebony (Master Grade)
Fingerboard markersSide – natural mammoth bone, diameter 3 mm at 5, 7, 12 (double), 15 frets
FretsEVO-GOLD (nickel-free)
Inlay12th fret Robin Bird made of natural Baltic amber
Palm bevel (palmrest)Integrated with the guitar body, binded with Ebony (Master Grade)
Strap buttons2 x African Ebony (Master Grade) with natural mammoth bone crown logos
VarnishHighly-resonant, antistatic (own recipe), hand-polished, high-gloss


StringsSterling Silver, Carbon
HardcaseHighest quality, Carbon-Fiber Look


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