Luthier’s classical guitar no. 530 – Tori

First in the World luthier guitar introduces the following innovations:


Solid top Alpine Spruce from Tirol with ‘bearclaw’ effect (Master Grade) – chemically&thermally modified
Back & Sides Amboyna Burl with sapwood (Master Grade)
Scale 650 mm
Neck Asymmetric Turkowiak neck made of flamed sycamore maple (Master Grade) with African Ebony (Master Grade) inlay 忽 因 畫 師 手 (Suddenly, through the painting of the Taoist’s hand)
Fingerboard Elevated, African Ebony (Master Grade)
Head Plates Natural Baltic amber, with African Ebony (Master Grade) hand-shaped shingle, central pillar, and foundation; hand-shaped modified blue Baltic amber as water waves
Shape Tori Gate
Logo Natural white Baltic amber
Inlay Pillar engraved with poem: 虎 (Tiger) 子 (teacher honorific) 得 (obtains) 全 (Pure) 提 (Enlightenment)
Soundhole Single offset, encrusted with natural Baltic amber rosette, with directional wing-bracing made of African Ebony (Master Grade)
Arm bevel Smooth, Ebony, integrated with the guitar body
Heel Cap African Ebony (Master Grade)
Inlay Squid – modified blue Baltic amber
Nut 52 mm, natural mammoth bone, hand-shaped, polished and semi-scalloped
Saddle Natural mammoth bone, hand-shaped, polished and semi-scalloped
Tuners Handmade AR Turkowiak Gold highest-quality, with ebony buttons, black aluminum rollers with bearings, black wood screw inlay, ratio 18:1, with engravings
Binding African Ebony (Master Grade)
Fingerboard markers Natural mammoth bone side dots diameter 1,5 mm at 5, 10 frets and concentric 4 mm at 7, 12 (double) frets inlaid with natural Baltic amber
Frets EVO-GOLD (nickel-free)
Varnish Highly-resonant, antistatic (own recipe), hand-polished, high-gloss
Inlay Tiger & butterfly; engraved; natural, white & modified blue Baltic amber


Hardcase Brand, fitted to the guitar
Warranty Life-time


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