Antonio Barresi

I have been the lucky owner of this wonderful classical guitar for a month now. The wood is of excellent quality and only the best cuts are used. I chose the guitar with sides and back in Kauri wood (a wood 45,000 years old, certified) and top in Fir from Tyrol. The inlays are made of Ebony and Mammoth bones with anti-static paint (to avoid dust). This guitar is a jewel, even looking at it you have the feeling of something extremely valuable. The sound is even better than the looks, with the innovations patented by the ingenious Turkowiak the guitar sound is utterly unbelievable. The sustain notes are much better compared to any other guitar that I ever heard or tried. When playing bass notes it seems almost to play on the Pink Floyd’s pad; this characteristic applied to classical pieces can give the impression of playing multiple instruments together. The sound is so malleable, wonderful, crystal clear and round that is possible to make it sound like a harp or to render the melodies dark or bright, depending on how you feel. All of this happens very naturally and it’s very easy to play this guitar. The sound is always very, very easy to control; The loudness is homogenous on all the strings and also when playing full chords it’s possible to hear every single note, without any of them prevailing on the others. Before this guitar I have played for 18 years a Ramirez Concierto (the top instrument in the Ramirez brand), but from now on I won’t use it anymore; my first choice is Turkowiak’s guitar, that for me is the Ferrari of the guitars.